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Midwest Restoration offers 24/7/365 emergency restoration services

Midwest Restoration was founded in 2008 by Coyne Borree, a native to Kaukauna, WI. We offer 24/7/365 emergency restoration services for both residential and commercial properties. Our service offerings include fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold remediation, storm damage repair (which includes wind and hail damage restoration), and  Bio Hazard Cleanup.

Midwest Restoration is your family

Since our inception in January of 2008, Midwest Restoration has grown and evolved into one of the state’s most specialized disaster restoration specialists. The founder of our company started this business from a spare bedroom in his home. Quickly, the business grew. Within the first year, the company had its first real office, which was nothing more than a 144 square foot room that was rented from a local auto parts store. In the first year of our company, our real focus was water damage mitigation services; however, that quickly changed.

After 5 years in the insurance claims business as well as managing a large national franchise restoration company, our Founder/CEO, left corporate America and Midwest Restoration was born. Coyne S. Borree has built himself a robust reputation which operates a number companies including Midwest Restoration. He watches every penny spent yet doesn’t hesitate to jump on a plane to attend a client’s birthday party or anniversary. His reasoning? Midwest Restoration is his family. Borree abandons traditional business proceedings in order to put his greatest assets first (Midwest Associates). Borree admits hating meetings, committees, and overall corporate hierarchy, preferring to constantly work on and improve the business in order to expand his Midwest family.

Today, our company has its home base in Little Chute, WI. Our services have expanded from new construction to handling every aspect of a property damaged by some type of disaster such as fire, water, or storm anywhere across the nation.



Your Emergency is our Priority! Call 24/7!