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We are not your average carpet cleaners

We are a locally owned and operated professional restoration company. This means we have the most powerful equipment to restore your carpet back to its glory all while using eco friendly pads or steam extraction to remove ground-in dirt and soil as well as allergens and dust mites.

A cleaner carpet = healthier home!

Our cleaning services include:
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Scotchgard Carpet Protection
Our 12 step carpet cleaning process:

To protect and preserve the health of your family, we developed the best carpet cleaning process. Using only the most advanced equipment, in combination with safe cleaning agents, we will bring your indoor fibers and fabrics to the cleanest and healthiest state. We leave behind the safest possible indoor environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Learn about Our 12 Step Process

1. Inspection

We start by thoroughly inspecting the property with you to address all areas of concern. We clearly explain our process and procedures to help you understand what to expect out of the cleaning.

2. Set Up & Protection

Before the cleaning process is started, every precaution is taken to protect your home. Walk-off mats and moving blankets are used to protect hard surfaces and corner guards used for walls.

3. Vaccuming

We thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas being cleaned with our commercial HEPA powerhead vacuums or our counter-rotating brush machine to get even deeper.

4. Stains & Treatment Options

Any stains will be spot treated with carefully chosen professional products to loosen and remove them during steam extraction. Some examples of stains we can remove include gum, wax, red stains, wine, lipstick, soda, and pet urine.

5. Clearing

We move small items out of the way and make sure your pets are safe and out of the way of our equipment and tools.

6. PH Testing & Treatment

We test the PH levels of your carpet to determine your specific carpet type and soiling level so we can apply the correct amount of emulsifier pretreatment. Treatments are an essential part of the carpet cleaning process and is why pre-inspection is so important.

* An emulsifier is an agent that causes dirts and oils that wouldn't otherwise dissolve in a cleaning solution to break down into small enough particles that they become suspended in the solution.  Our detergents contain emulsifiers that separate and suspend the dirts and oils in the cleaning solution until the resulting emulsion can be rinsed away, taking the dirt and oil along with it.

*After the first initial 6 steps is where most companies differ. This is where we shine; not every home can be treated the same with “special water”. Each home has different types of carpet and we have the knowledge and experience to choose the best products to get the best result. We use non-toxic gentle products that give you the best carpet cleaning you’ve ever had.

7. Agitation

The carpet is gently buffed with an oscillating brush machine to completely break soil and grease away from the carpet fiber. Our soft carpet brush does not damage the fibers but provides enough power to fully emulsify the dirt.

8. Extraction

The carpet is then rinsed with 210-degree hot water and simultaneously wet-vacuumed, thus the term extraction, using our Truckmount system. This method is universally recognized to be the most thorough cleaning you can do for your carpets and is the only method recommended by Mohawk Carpet Mills.

9. Post Spotting

After Steam Cleaning has been completed, we do a thorough post spotting procedure to remove any other stains that might be remaining after the initial steps.

10. Carpet Protection (Optional Treatment)

After the cleaning, we apply our 3M Carpet Protector as a premium level service. By applying this protection to your carpets, we provide you with the best carpet cleaning. Our 3M Carpet Protector helps the carpet regain its stain resistance that was applied during manufacturing which may have worn off over time or use. It is highly recommended to apply 3M Carpet Protector after EVERY clean to ensure your carpet investment maintains its appearance and integrity over time.

11. Drying

One of the final steps in providing you with the best carpet cleaning service is our drying. We place specialized carpet drying fans to dry the carpet. This greatly reduces dry times and minimizes browning, wicking, and re-spotting.

12. Post Inspection & Reviews

Our final step involves YOU, our valued customer. We walk you through how the cleaning went and show you all that was accomplished during the cleaning.  If there are any additional recommendations we may have for you, or if there were any complications during the cleaning, we will let you know at this time. We believe in open communication and excellent customer service. So, we make sure we can explain how everything works and anything else we can offer to solve most any concerns you have about your carpet. We invite you to review our service and be a part of supporting our local carpet cleaning business.

Current Carpet Cleaning Offer

We are committed to your satisfaction

So You Can Expect:
  • Excellent Results
  • Attention to Detail
  • Spots removed that won’t reappear
  • Your carpet will be dry in as little as 3 hours
  • A “green clean” from the use of eco-friendly products and solutions

Your Emergency is our Priority! Call 24/7!